Vridge Tutorial


  • Android Phone with Android 5.0 or later

  • Windows 7 PC or later

    • PC needs to meet the minimum CPU and GPU requirements for whatever VR application is being used

  • Steam and SteamVR (free)

Installing RiftCat on PC

1. Go to riftcat.com/vridge

2. Download the Riftcat installer (the large blue button).

3. Run the installer, accepting the agreements, then click 'Start RiftCat'.

Installing VRidge on Android

1. Download VRidge 2.0 from the Google Play Store.

Installing VRidge for Gear VR

  1. Download and open Sideload VR for GearVR from the Google Play Store.

  2. If OSIG verification fails, open the menu on the left and select 'Manual OSIG Setup'.

  3. In Sideload VR, search for 'vridge' and select 'Vridge 2.0'. Tap 'Download App' and then 'Continue'.

Connecting your PC and Phone

  1. Connect your PC and Android phone to the same network, or connect your phone to your PC via USB tethering. See here for more info on how to use USB tethering.

  2. Open Riftcat for Windows and the VRidge app.

  3. Normally, the two devices should connect automatically.

    • If that isn't the case, click 'Enter manual IP' and enter your phone's IP address.

      • To find your IP address on Android when connected to WiFi, go to WiFi Settings. Then, tap Menu->Advanced and scroll to the bottom.

      • To find your IP address in tethering mode, press the start button. Type 'cmd' and open Command Prompt. Type 'ipconfig' and press enter. The address listed as 'Default Gateway' will be your phone's IP.

Running VR Applications

  1. Once connected, simply click the play button in the RiftCat PC app.

  2. Run any SteamVR app as normal.

    • If you wish to run an Oculus program, you'll need to set up ReVive, following the tutorial here (TODO).

Optimization and Troubleshooting

When not running SteamVR, click the 'Configuration' tab on the left in RiftCat. Then click 'VRidge Settings' to open the advanced settings page.

Q: My phone's screen isn't rendering anything / is stuck on a still image.

A: Try a different streaming method under 'Streaming Options' in the advanced settings.

Q: I'm having latency issues.

A: Try switching to USB tethering if possible. If the problem persists or you're on WiFi, try reducing the bitrate or framerate (or both) in the advanced settings. Also try increasing the Tracking Prediction.

Attribution - Zach