What is Unity PolySpatial?

Unity PolySpatial is Unity's framework for making visionOS apps. 


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Polyspatial is available on Unity v2022 and later and requires a subscription to Unity Pro, which costs $2040 per year and comes with a cancellable 30-day free trial. 


A new unity app must be created with Universal Rendering Pipeline (URP). Apps can be compiled for the Xcode visionOS Simulator or the device itself by going into Player settings -> Target SDK -> Simulator SDK or Device SDK. 

PolySpatial Core

The foundational PolySpatial package, where initialization and all setup begins. It performs change tracking and processing, serialization/deserialization, and includes the Shader Graph to MaterialX converter.

PolySpatial XR

Includes scene validation, capability profiles, building blocks, and coaching UI. Adds package dependencies on XRI, AR Foundation, and XR hands.


PolySpatial supports all three main types of spatial experiences on visionOS: