Debugging C++ Code for Virtual Reality (Mac)

Debugging C++ code for virtual reality is notoriously puzzling on Mac. For example, you may find that even Meta Quest's own guide for Debugging Unity Apps for Oculus Quest In-Headset requires an Oculus Link cable to be connected to a PC.  This is problematic as a developer who only has a Mac, and may not want to/does not have access to a Virtual Machine (ex. Paperspace). 

Here’s a guide on how to debug Unity C++ code built for Oculus Quest 2 using Debug.Log() via the Android Logcat package, which will allow you to have access to a console that can print log statements and error messages as you build and run your program through your quest headset, hooked to your Mac computer.

You will need:

Installing and Using Logcat:

Voila! You can now see the output of the console live from your build on your headset.