Austin Phan - In Class Activity 2

Viewing autonomous vehicle LiDAR visualizations!

Part 1: Viewing Dataset on 2D Screen

We'll begin by viewing the dataset on your browser first. Go to this site:

Scroll down a bit and you'll find a visualizer with some lidar scans in it. Make sure you're on scene 1, that's the scene we'll be looking at in VR.

Controls for visualization:

Q - elevate camera

E - descend camera

W,A,S,D - Move camera in cardinal directions

Arrow keys - Rotate camera around

Explore the dataset a bit. Take a note of some of the objects that are detected in the visualization. 

TODO: Take a screenshot of two objects noticed in the dataset by the autonomous vehicle.

Part 2: Viewing Dataset in VR

If you haven't yet downloaded this application, please do so now on paperspace. You can find the link here.

NOTE: If you're running into issues with the multiplayer version (causing crashing), try the nonmultiplayer version here.

Simply extract the zip file, and launch the 'AutonomousCloudsV2' executable. You should be transported to the world now. 

Ideally, you will be able to see other players' heads moving around the map (this is, of course assuming that multiplayer works for this project).

Partner Pairings

Liza - Austin

Melvin - Brian

Mohmmed - Yifei

Lexi - Dave

Ashley - Vincent

Camilo - Jakobi

David - Yuanbo

Work with your partner to find eachother (I recommend going to far ends of the map or using identifiable areas). It's going to be a bit difficult.

TODO: Find the same two objects you screenshotted earlier with your partner. Take a screenshot with your partner in frame with each object you've identified.

If the server doesn't work (which could, in all honesty, happen)

TODO: Find the same two objects, but take a screenshot without your partner.

Part 3: Fill Out the Form!

Thanks for doing my activity. Please fill out this exit form :D