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CONTRIBUTION 1 [short description]

10 minutes:

Change1: We can add an example in Who uses VR, to show how VR visualization of 3D data can be more efficient than traditional 2D data, in helping VR users.

Change2(Done): We can Create a new section, listing classic papers in VR field, and interesting papers in major VR conference in What is VR.

Change3: We should link GitHub code in Student Research to better investigate their results.

1 hour:

Change1: In What is VR for, we can add another subsection about VR in Architecture. This should be separated from VR in Engineering, since Architecture field by itself has lot of aspects, and VR has been shown lots of applications in Architecture. The content can be included, including VR commercial deployment process in Architecture design, construction, and demonstration.

Change2: Many VR Visualization Software don’t have pictures, and result, such as Tomviz. Adding some pictures, and classify them based on scientific topic, can better help researcher decide.

Change3: MR is also a popular topic, and Microsoft has achieved much commercial success. We should add some introduction content in What is VR and How is it different from AR and MR.

10 hours:

Change1: We can design some learning path for different science fields about VR, instead of just listing all found software and hardware.

Change2: The software and hardware should be correlated, i.e. we should especially point out given this hardware, what kind of software can be run, and what kind of effect can be achieved with given resource limit.

Change3: We should create a section to indicate the gap between the smart phone and VR, so that researcher can better understand the current upper-bound in algorithm.

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Total: 5 hours

HOURS journal

1/29/21 - 5 Hours