Frame VR

Yifei Wang (2023 Spring)


Frame VR is a next-generation virtual reality (VR) platform designed for collaboration, events, and social interactions. Developed by Virbela, Frame VR enables businesses, educators, and individuals to create, host, and participate in immersive virtual experiences, fostering connection and engagement across distances. With its user-friendly interface, powerful features, and cross-platform compatibility, Frame VR offers a unique and captivating approach to virtual collaboration and events.


Customizable Virtual Environments

Frame VR provides a wide range of pre-built virtual environments that can be customized to suit the unique needs and preferences of users. These environments include meeting rooms, conference halls, classrooms, and social spaces, all designed to facilitate seamless collaboration and interaction.

Avatar Customization

Users can create and customize their avatars, choosing from various clothing, accessories, and appearance options. Personalized avatars help build a sense of presence and connection among participants in virtual spaces.

Immersive Audio and Visual Experience

Frame VR offers high-quality 3D graphics and spatial audio, providing users with an immersive and engaging virtual experience. The platform's realistic environments and audio features contribute to a more natural and efficient communication experience.

Multi-User Collaboration Tools

The platform includes a suite of collaboration tools, such as shared whiteboards, screen sharing, document collaboration, and presentation tools. These features enable users to work together seamlessly on projects, brainstorm ideas, and deliver engaging presentations.

Event Hosting and Management

Frame VR offers comprehensive event hosting and management tools, allowing users to organize, promote, and manage virtual events of various sizes and formats. These tools include event scheduling, registration, attendee management, and analytics.

Cross-platform Compatibility

Frame VR is compatible with a variety of VR headsets, including Oculus Quest, HTC Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality devices. The platform also offers desktop and mobile applications for users without VR equipment.

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