iVRy Tutorial


  • Android Phone with Android 5.0 or later / iPhone 6 or newer

  • Windows 7 PC or later

    • PC needs to meet the minimum CPU and GPU requirements for whatever VR application is being used

  • Steam and SteamVR (free)

Installing iVRy on PC

  1. Download the iVRy installer from https://tinyurl.com/ivry-hmd-svr

  2. Run the installer, accepting the agreement. It will install the iVRy driver.

Installing VRidge on Android

1. Download iVRy from the Google Play Store.

Installing VRidge for iOS

  1. Download iVRy from the App Store.

Connecting your PC and Phone

  1. Connect your PC and phone to the same WiFi network, or connect your phone to your PC via USB:

  2. Open SteamVR

  3. Normally, the two devices should connect automatically.

    • If that isn't the case, you'll need to manually specify the IP of your phone. If on WiFi:

      1. Get your phone's IP address by pressing the 'i' symbol in the iVRy app.

      2. On your PC, navigate to your Steam install folder (likely C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\). From there navigate to the 'config' folder and open the file called 'steamvr.vrsettings' in a text editor. There should be a section of the file that looks something like this:

"driver_ivry": {

"address": "",

"cardboardParams": "<Some sequence of characters>",

"driverMode": 1


3. Replace the right hand side of "address" (in the example, "") with your phone's IP (in quotes). Make sure that the line still ends in a comma.

Running VR Applications

  1. Once set up, simply run any SteamVR application as normal.

    • If you wish to run an Oculus program, you'll need to set up ReVive, following the tutorial here (TODO).

Optimization and Troubleshooting

When not running SteamVR, click the 'Configuration' tab on the left in RiftCat. Then click 'VRidge Settings' to open the advanced settings page.

Q: My phone's screen isn't rendering anything / is stuck on a still image.

A: Make sure your PC can actually render VR applications using the SteamVR null driver instructions (TODO).

Q: I'm having latency issues.

A: Try switching to USB tethering if possible. If the problem persists or you're on WiFi, try reducing the bitrate or framerate (or both) in the advanced settings. Also try increasing the Tracking Rate.

Q: My phone won't connect.

A: Try manually specifying your phone's IP as described above. As iVRy relies on network discovery, some custom network configurations might block it from finding your phone. Also try switching to USB if possible, which should provide a smoother experience anyway.

Attribution - Zach