Diorama is a demonstration of the capabilities of Reality Composer Pro for visionOS app development. With Reality Composer Pro, developers can compose, edit, and preview RealityKit content seamlessly. This tool allows the creation of scenes containing hierarchies of virtual objects known as entities, which can be efficiently loaded and displayed in visionOS apps.


Scene Design

Visual Design

Diorama App

Diorama showcases the following features:

Getting Started


Asset Import

To build scenes for your app, import assets into Reality Composer Pro. Diorama's project includes custom assets, such as a diorama table, trail map, birds, clouds, sounds, and images. You can import assets by dragging them into the project browser, using the File menu, or copying them into the .rkassets bundle in your Swift package.

Note: RealityKit compiles assets into a binary format for faster loading in visionOS.

Scene Creation

Entity Management

Point of Interest

Runtime Implementation

Floating View for Points of Interest

Custom Materials with Shader Graph

Shader Graph Material

Update Material at Runtime


Diorama exemplifies the powerful features of Reality Composer Pro for visionOS app development. Explore its capabilities and leverage RealityKit to create immersive and visually stunning experiences. For more information, refer to the official documentation.

Note: Ensure your development environment meets the specified requirements before using Diorama as a reference for your visionOS app development.