Fonts in Unity

Texts in Unity

By Yuanbo Li

The Problem

how to type language other than english in unity? 

Typing languages other than English might result in the scenario below. This is because Unity does not recognize the text. An easy and efficient way to solve the problem is to import new text. The steps involes downloading your font from google fonts, and then create a new text mesh pro object, and import it. A detailed tutorial can be found in this video.

Fonts with 100+ Character

However, the normal way above can only work for languages with about 100 character. For languages with more characters, such as Chinese, Japanese, or Korean, we need to manually select the unicode range to be imported. See this Unity discussion for more details. 

Language Unicode

Unicode is a universal character encoding system designed to represent all written characters in the world, regardless of their script or language. It provides a unique code point for every character, including those used in languages that were previously unsupported by digital technology. Unicode is used by modern operating systems, programming languages, and web browsers to ensure the correct display and input of text across different devices and platforms. With Unicode, people can communicate in their native languages and scripts online without the need for complex workarounds or proprietary systems.

Please consult this wikipedia page for detail index for the unicode to use.