Text Hiding

By Yuanbo Li, 2023 Spring

In Head-Fixed texts, we introduced the technique to create head-fixed texts. However, we doesn't necessarily want these texts to appear as always during our use. In this section we talk about how to hide the objects.

Example Result:

This a view of my implementation of clicking objects. 

Attached below is a below image. (See the google link for screen recording result)

Step 1: Creating two objects

We need two objects that click on one can trigger something. Any object, such as a simple cube will work

Step 2: Event Trigger

We need attach a file onto the trigger object. Simply search for "Event Trigger"

Step 3: Onclick Function

Inside the event trigger, select pointer click. This would allow our object to react when being clicked. Drag the other object to be reacted below.

Step 4: React Function

Select the react function you want to use. It can be more complicated functions. However, we will just show how to hide the objects. ("SetActive = True" can make the object appear. Otherwise it will disappear)