AVP Demos

List of resources (webXR apps, native apps, and tips) that are interesting demos of the Vision Pro's capabilities!



Apple TV

Overview: HD 180 Movies & Video Platform

Native Apps


Overview: Interactive 3D Model Viewing and Presentations

Very great app for data visualization! Can make model as large or as small as needed by pinching/pulling hands. Can also pull apart individual pieces of a model just by looking at them. Very intuitive and easy to use.
I recommend the introduction jet turbine tutorial, the heart stern procedure tutorial., and the Alfa Romeo F1 tutorial. 

JigSpace is also available on Meta Quest Store under JigSpace VR. It is free to install for both, and you can create 1 model at a time and load it into the app.  For more models and features there are premium plans which are quite costly ($1K+)


Overview: Immersive Spatial Art and Narration Exhibit

Once downloaded, click the Immersive tab on the top to browse 3D exhibits. These exhibits include a 2D screen of a painting, in addition to a 3D surround immersive adaption of a 2D painting as well as an audio narration about the author and history of the painting. My favorite exhibits are the Course of Empire: Destruction by Thomas Cole, and Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali (scroll down to see them). 


Overview: Live Air Traffic Visualization and Radio

Allows real-time visualization of 3D landscape and airports with air traffic information (and weather) overlayed, while also listening to radio of air traffic control. Have not yet seen live airplanes landing/taking off. 

Explore POV 

Overview: HD 180 Landscape Video Platform

Platform for dowloading HD 180 Landscape Videos. Very good quality but wish they were 360 instead of 180.