Camilo's Public Demo Instructions

VR Controllers

Left controller:

Right Controller:

VR-Terrains ( Solo )

You will start in on Earth. Go ahead and take a look at the scene moving your head around

Try the simulated earth

Now visit other Planets

VR-Terrains - Collaborative

You will land on the lobby scene

3. Click on Connect. You will see a list of Rooms. Select any room. Make sure to let know your other team mantes the room you are selecting.

You will land in the Moon.  You task is produce water in activating a machine that uses a special type of stones. 


Take a look at the button at the right side of the machine. It starts a counter that will measure who much will it take you to complete the task. Before  star you mission, talk with your team mates and agree the right time to start the counter and go on your mission.

Once you complete your mission the counter stops. Take a screenshot of  the recorded time.