Room Acoustics Activity 4/26

Prep - Install the APK file

  1. Download the following APK file on your desktop:

  2. Sideload this application onto your Quest 2:

  • You can either follow the steps outlined here or use SideQuest, as we've done before with previous APK files

  • If you see an application named "VR Room Acoustics" under "Unknown Sources," you're done!


In this activity, you will be exploring a virtual room where you can visualize the sound mapping of different 3D audio sources. The visualizations include:

  • A transparent sphere that indicates the area of effect of the sound (if you step outside of the sphere, you won't be able to hear it at all)

  • A heatmap on the ground that indicates the relative amplitude of that sound source (where red = very loud and blue = silent)


  • Movement using thumbstick

    • (note that although you can rotate using the right thumbstick, I get really motion sick personally when I use this--discretion is advised)

  • Change the radius of each sound source by hovering and pressing A or B

  • Grab objects by hovering and pressing grab


  1. First, try out Unity's spatial audio! Pick up one of the sound sources and physically move it around your head -- do you hear a difference?

  • Take a screenshot of you holding on to one of the sound sources.

  1. Next, play around with the A/B buttons to adjust the radii of different sound sources.

  2. Once you have familiarized yourself with the controls, work with other folks in the room to re-arrange the sound sources, trying to satisfy the following conditions:

  • Each sound source has a different radius

  • Each sound source overlaps with every other sound source

  • Take a screenshot of you standing within that intersection region!


When you are done, please fill out this survey!