Stratos et al. 2016

Stratos, A., R. Loukas, M. Dimitris, G. Konstantinos, M. Dimitris, and C. George, 2016. "A Virtual Reality Application to Attract Young Talents to Manufacturing," Procedia CIRP 57: 134-139 (doi: 10.1016/j.procir.2016.11.024).


  • Using VR to attract young people to field of Manufacturing; much unemployment generally, but many youngsters may find the field of Manufacturing interesting. Target young age group since these grow up playing games. User study to ascertain whether CAVE environments will attract people to a field; did experiment with assembling Remote Controlled car in CAVE environment. 12 secondary education students of whom levels of awareness and interest were monitored throughout using various surveys (EiE Engineering and Science Attitude Assessment and STEM Semantics Survey) in between different stages of the experiment. They claim the surveys show level of awareness increased - though dropped again - but more importantly interest in Manufacturing grew permanently through experiment in CAVE environment.

  • No software/hardware specifics provided;