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David Laidlaw,, built Yurt, knows some VR software really well, CS224 and prereqs, math, sw engineering, particularly interested in creating visualization tools that can be used to advance scientific knowledge in other disciplines.

Brandon Li,, has created several VR tutorials for Unity using different SDKs, coded a Vive project for CS123 in C++, took Virtual Reality Software Review, interested in applications of VR for gaming and ways to increase immersiveness in VR experiences.

Ross Briden,, experience with OpenGL, Unity, and Gear VR; interested in the applications of VR/AR to Biology.

Loudon Cohen,, HTA for CS123 and CS224, manages VR lab and equipment, interested in combining RTX and VR h/w

Andrew Buccellato,, Developing VR Creation tools for writers and artists (in Unity)

Giuse Nguyen,, interested in VR simulations of environments

Julie Wang,

Gary Chien,, has HoloLens dev experience, interested in exploring AR on smartphones, loves cats

Tal Frieden,, interested in network visualization, AR for visualizing climate change

Gabriel Rizk,, interested in VR gaming, as well as medical uses of VR/AR.

Michael Colonna,, experience with OpenGL and Unity, interested in educational and narrative uses of VR

Ronald Baker,, Experience with VR in regards to Robotics

Andrej Simeski,, experience in (non-VR) Unity, interested in using VR to explore historical sites

Erica Guo,, interested in VR simulations in gaming, particularly in Unity

Zak Wegweiser,, interested in AR in practical life applications.

David Promisel,, interested data visualizations and visual art in VR/AR