Course Activities

Unsure of how to finish your 10 hours?

Try one of the following (and consider how you'll assemble ideas like these into your projects):

  • Learn about studies and software from last year's wiki in the Course Archives

  • Read some of these resources

  • Find new data set examples that can be visualized in VR

  • Identify software that can visualize said data sets

  • Find, download, try, and document new software related to visualization in VR

  • Characterize types of VR software

  • Identify metrics for VR software

    • Ease, Power, Depth, Support, Learnability, Tutorials, Documentation

    • User base, Types of users supported

  • Find and read papers and web about efforts (like Searis)

  • Find and read papers and web pages about software

  • If tutorials exist for software, do them

  • Create tutorials for using visualization software

    • Document the process of creating the tutorials

  • Interview some experts

    • application scientists at research labs

    • Vis/VR managers at research labs

  • Create, post, and analyze survey results

    • Software used

    • Software evaluation

  • Flesh out gaps in the wiki