In-Class Activity (4/6/21) [GeoGebra3D]


Download GeoGebra3D onto your smartphone using either the App Store or Google Play Store


1) Open the application

2) Click on the AR button

3) You should get a screen that looks like the image below on the left. Move your screen around until you find a surface and then tap on your screen. Your screen should now look like the image below on the right.

4) Graph the three following equations (one after the other or simultaneously) to get a sense of how each axis is represented:

x = 3

y = 3

z = 3

Try varying up the values and seeing how the planes move. Also try setting one variable in terms of another (e.g. y = x + 2).

5) Graph the following equations and note the shapes that they make. Also try changing the constants and their signs and seeing how the graphs shift. (Note: you can toggle graphs on and off by clicking the little button to the left of the equation):

z = root(9 - x^2 - y^2)

z = root(4x^2 + 4y^2)

6) Put the graphs in 3D. How does this experience compare to having the graphs in AR?

7) Free play: come up with equations and see what they look like in the AR grapher. Build a structure using 2+ equations and post a screenshot of it to the ongoing class document.

8) Customize a graph by changing its color

9) Switch over from the calculator to the icon with the circle and triangle. Try some of the features over on this side like pyramid, point, or plane through 3 points. Be sure to also click on 'more' and explore some of the features that come up.

Once you're done with the activity, please fill out the following survey.