Lucia's in Class Activity

Downloads and Prep


Half the class start with Part A, other half start with Part B, then switch when done

Part A - navigate 3D model on computer and find orange views

  • go to and sign in with google/if you already have an account

  • click open from device upload downloaded file

  • navigate by scrolling and using the middle mouse button

  • try using the walk tool from the second to last icon, clicking and dragging to walk, switch to eye tool to look around

  • navigate to the places marked on the map and take a screenshot facing the angle indicated

Part B - Navigate in VR and find green views

  • open up sentio VR and type in the code: 523615

  • look down at controller for controls

  • go to the places marked B in green and take screenshots from those views

Part C - together!!

  • wait for host to start group tour

Reflection form for after activity: