Mandy's In Class Activity


(You will be essentially setting up for 3 different parts)

  1. Download SideQuest

  • Note that you may need to make an account but I think you get also just click on the "Get Sidequest tab" and download the correct version for your computer

    • Note that this should be on your personal computer

  1. Download everything in this folder:

  • There should be 2 .apk files and a zip file

  • The 2 .apk files should be downloaded on your personal laptop

  • The .zip file should be downloaded onto your Paperspace account

  1. If you have already unlocked developer mode, follow this tutorial to import the Point-Cloud-Data-Viz.apk into your headset using SideQuest

  • If you have not yet enabled developer mode, follow this other tutorial:

  • Only drag the .apk file titled Point-Cloud-Data-Viz.apk into SideQuest and bring your charging cord to class tomorrow

    • Do not load the other .apk (MEMS-Data-Viz-Grab.apk) onto your headset yet!

  1. Follow the setup portion of the DinoVR Tutorial except for the first bullet point because you should use the zip file you have just downloaded from the folder linked above

  • Use the same App-id given to you for the DinoVR Tutorial we followed in an earlier class. See below for the list of App-ids

When you are finished setting up:

  • In Paperspace: you should have the zip file fully extracted and completed setup.bat

  • On your headset: you should be able to see only 1 .apk file in Unknown Sources from the right-most dropdown menu

    • It should be called TestVR in your headset

      • Note: After you are able to see the data using your headset and are ready to drag in the other .apk to SideQuest, nothing will change because it will just replace the previous TestVR. With MEMS-Data-Viz-Grab.apk loaded, however, you should be able to now grab the blue data points.

Point Cloud Visualization with Dino VR

  • Use the same App-id given to you for the DinoVR Tutorial we followed in an earlier class, and follow that same tutorial to open the visualization on your headsets in SteamVR.

        • Eliza, Jacobi: a41997f8-023a-4cbd-ab47-2cf2e77e2adf

        • Lucia, Tongyu: 596d2981-eb4c-4733-9f02-81dbe58b8636

        • Beatrice, Maia: 23397522-aa8a-4220-b0fd-d8952819b718

        • Cheyenne, Paul: 26480df6-1e74-44fe-935d-ea13beae3b6f

        • Aakansha, Shashidhar: 2e01dd42-c851-47bd-bc0a-f56a958cbf4b

        • Nicholas, Robert: 1bdd9979-c264-41ed-9196-662972714b1d

        • Jennifer, Sayan, Amanda: c1552617-2ed6-4f3b-8b9b-c7ae6591ba58

        • Mandy, Alistair: acdfd1fb-7804-42d1-a281-17ed3281ca8e

Upload a picture like this onto the class google document!

Point Cloud Visualization with Unity, XR Toolkit, & Normcore

Point-Cloud-Data-Viz.apk: Try to take a picture while touching a data point.

MEMS-Data-Viz-Grab.apk: (if time)

Holding 2 Balls

Take a picture of holding to data points. Bonus points if they are different colors!

Smiley Face

Work with a partner to create a smiley face and take a picture!


Left Joystick -> move

Right Joystick -> grab

Grip (button under your third and fourth fingers) = grab