Tongyu's In-class Activity

Prep - Install the APK file

  1. Download the following APK file on your desktop:

  2. Follow the steps outlined here to sideload this APK file onto your Quest 2. Now, you should be able to open it on your Quest as a standalone normal application!

    • You don't actually need a fancy USB-C cable -- the default charging one works

    • (Slight modification: the steps to enable Developer mode should be mobile Oculus app -> Menu -> Devices -> select your Quest 2 -> Developer Mode)


In this activity, you will be visualizing an audio recording of a humpback whale song in a collaborative VR space. While you have your own instance of the audio and can play/pause freely, note that the increase/decrease volume and hold & move to rotate functions are shared. In addition to the controls depicted below, you can also point directly at the bottom of the visualization to see the amplitude/frequency of the sound signal at that point.

Task 1: Pick a point when you want to examine the audio visualization further and press the "A" button to toggle pause.

  • Take a screenshot of you pointing at a visible signal with the largest frequency.

  • Take a screenshot of you pointing at a visible signal with the smallest frequency.

Task 2: The sound of another animal seems to have gotten mixed in with the humpback whale noises! Can you detect when this happens?

  • Take a screenshot of you pointing at the visualization of this mysterious noise.

Fill out this reflection form after you are done: