The wiki is a reference manual for new VR users people trying VR software. To be an effective reference manual, the wiki must: provide discussions on major VR development software; include a comprehensive comparison of VR development and authoring tools; help readers choose the best VR software for their specific background (experience and domain).

The wiki is public for all readers. The intended audience is practitioners who are starting a new VR project. They may be new to VR entirely or experienced developers exploring VR software for a new project. All content should relate to VR software and should directly help users evaluate some software application.

Maintain a professional tone. Permissions will be revoked if you vandalize the site.

Creating a new page

The following steps demonstrate how to create a new page.

  1. Open the PAGES panel in the sidebar.

  2. Hover over the intended parent directory, click the Menu icon -> Add subpage. The website will redirect to the new, blank page.

After you create a new page, add it to the Contents section on the home page to make it accessible to readers.

Editing an existing page

To edit an existing page, log in to the Google account with editing permissions, navigate to the desired page, and click the pencil icon.

If you receive a permission error, follow the steps above in an Incognito window.