In this course, you will maintain a journal that chronicles your progress throughout the course. Your journal should include the hours you've worked, descriptions of progress / setbacks, and any other information you'd like to share!

Note that your journal will be worth a significant portion of your grade, so make sure to keep it updated.

Insert a link to your journal here (we included 2 examples from previous years). Include contact information and relevant background. Additionally, here are the journals from last year's class. To set up your own journal, follow the follow these instructions:

    • To add your journal, open this page in Edit Mode, go to the menu on the right, click the "pages" tab, then navigate to Course Homepage>Journals.

    • Hover over the option, and you should see 3 dots show up. Click those, and click "Add subpage". To add an extra section of text, double click the webpage.

David Laidlaw,, built Yurt, knows some VR software really well, CS224 and prereqs, math, sw engineering, particularly interested in creating visualization tools that can be used to advance scientific knowledge in other disciplines.

Ross Briden,, experience with OpenGL, Unity, and Gear VR; interested in the applications of VR/AR to Biology.

Giuse Nguyen,, interested in VR simulations of environments

Zachary Mor,, looking to explore new spaces for creation; also interested in putting together large technologies in practice

Brandon Woodard,, looking to integrate software into the YURT that will assist with scientific visualization

Anessa Petteruti,, interested in everyday life AR applications, specifically in the food and health industries as well as VR in film

Shreya D'Souza,, interested in how VR can benefit the scientific community

Loudon Cohen,, current 3D engines HTA, former CS123 and CS224 HTA, manages VR lab and equipment, interested in combining RTX and VR h/w

Jiaju Ma,, second author of a paper on Portal-ble, a smartphone AR system, with Jeff's HCI group, interested in applications of VR/AR as tools for designers. Check out my other work at

Spencer Cheleden,, interested in the intersection of ML and VR as well as and scientific visualization. Has run some simulations that are viewed in Dinoyurt.

Varun Senthil Nathan,, interested in VR used for filmmaking.

Ethan Sattler,, interested in VR simulations of environments and porting game engines to the YURT.

Carlos Perez-Ruiz,, interested in game development and porting a game engine for the YURT.

Frederic Wu,, interested in the applications of VR to visualize data from a depth-perceiving camera.

Emilia Ruzicka,, interested in educational communication of VR technologies and applications of design in data visualization.